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Becoming a registered user of our site has numerous benefits! As a registered user, you will have access to advanced and time-saving features like:

Count Reports
Count Reports allow you to see a visualization of the count request you have submitted. With results broken down by the fields that you choose (geography or demographic selects), Count Reports are also a great way to share information with your co-workers and clients. Our Count Reports are available in Excel and HTML formats and can be emailed directly to you!
Previous Order Suppression
Prevent records that were included in a previous order from being accessed again with our Previous Order Suppression! Previous Order Suppression is an easy-to-use functionality that allows you to enter the order number of a file that has been downloaded so that those same records do not appear on a new order. This is a great way to ensure that you are working with unique records!
My History - Counts
Perhaps one of the most important features a registered user can access is our Count History! You will have access to a detailed listing of each count you have run and with that, the ability to modify counts. Additionally, counts can be easily updated and ordered from this screen.
My History – Orders
Much like the Count History, the Order History allows you to see a detailed listing of all orders that you have created. Come here to download new orders and search for orders that were placed previously.

Remember, you must be a registered user to access Count Reports, Previous Order Suppression, and Count and Order History. Click the “Signup Now” link and register today!